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Radiology Products

Fujifilm - Oasis 1.2T Open MRI

  • Only Oasis offers open magnet with 1.2 Tesla magnetic field in the world

  • 1.2 Tesla Open Superconductive Magnet with Zero Boil-off technology

  • 33mT/m gradient strength and 100T/m/s slew rate

  • Fully motorised extra wide 82cm patient table with lateral table top movement up to 300kg load

  • SoftSound™ technology for silent gradients


Fujifilm - Echelon Smart 1.5T MRI

  • 1.5T superconductive magnet with zero boil-off technology

  • SoftSound™ Technology for silent gradients

  • Low energy consumption (Eco Mode)

  • SMARTSPEED Technology - 1.5T superconducting system for a fast scanning

  • Rich variety of advanced imaging features such as RADAR™, RAPID™, TIGRE™, TRAQ™, FLUTE™, VASC™ supporting every clinical challenge


Fujifilm - Aperto Lucent 0.4T Open MRI

  • 0.4 Tesla permanent open magnet

  • Fully motorised patient table (up to 225 kg load capacity)

  • Provides high-end MRI, at the cost of a permanent system

  • Technical cabinet only – no water cooling

  • Average power consumption only 2.5 kW


Fujifilm - Sceneria View CT

  • 64/128 Slice System

  • Gantry aperture: 80cm

  • X-ray tube: 45 MHU equivalent

  • Generator: 72/84kW*  (84kW = optional) 

  • Dual Energy scan


Fujifilm - Supria CT

  • 16/64 Slice System

  • Gantry aperture: 75cm

  • X-ray tube: 5 MHU

  • Maximum output: 48kW

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